2020 aquarius horoscope march 1

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And between December 17 and March when Saturn is in Aquarius full time, you will see this commitment through. In other news, your love life situation will become quite noteworthy, especially from May 13 - June 25 while Venus is traveling retrograde through your romance sector. This might be a textbook case scenario of you having an opportunity to reconcile with an ex-lover, but it can also be about re-evaluating your ideas about love, sex, and dating.

There is more than one possibility and you'll likely realize that opening your heart in situations that are not black and white, but rather many shades of gray, is exactly what you need to do in order to open it fully. Your domestic life will also continue to evolve in thanks to Uranus moving through Taurus and your home and family sector. While Venus is retrograde, it's possible that a situation with your children or with your in-laws will need attention.

Don't worry, everyone really does want the same thing: peace. You might all have different ideas of how to achieve it, but during the Venus retrograde cycle, it will all get worked out.

2020 Aquarius Horoscope

This might also be a time you decide to revisit a creative endeavor that used to bring you joy. Why did you stop? If it makes you smile, you should do it. And during this Venus Retrograde cycle, you are likely to realize that what brings your heart happiness is truly what you should be focused on.

In , Aquarius, you will discover that your primary responsibility is to yourself and your contentment. Getting there will be quite the ride, but oh so worth it.

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Log In OR. Money finds you in You have been focusing on it for the past few years and it finds you in every way possible. You have bigger everything: larger sales, promotions, honours, recognitions, income.

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It is a good year. The only hindering factor in your income production is in the relationships that may support that income production. It would be well to shore up the relationships if your income or finances depend upon the relationship. Spring is a good time to seek outside advice and assistance with finances. By the end of the year, you will see it as a year of strong, steady increase and progress.

Aquarius Horoscope Preview

You could be strongly drawn to alternative health practices in and it will be to your benefit to integrate them into your life. You have enjoyed vibrant physical health in past years, but health challenges early in the year will lead you to alternatives and healing. In you will need good health as your relationship issues and partnerships will continue to cause great stress.

This is a lucky year, a year of changes for the better. You will find peace, harmony, and happiness.

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Those born under the Aquarius sign will continue to have ups and downs in their love relationship, and they are advised to communicate with plenty of care. This is not a favorable year for making wedding plans.

This year, they might meet, through their entourage, someone who will raise their interest, and with whom they can start a relationship. It could mean a change in attitude and vision towards an old friend. In , the Aquarius might get surprised by some events that will get them out of their comfort zone, especially at work.

Aquarius 2020 Horoscope

The Aquarius will get the chance to extend their circle of friends, to meet important people, who will offer them new opportunities to advance and to evolve. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to launch advantageous, long-term projects. They would go anywhere, anytime, with anyone who would propose such a gateway. The more activities that you will have on the trip involve a lot of socialization, the better. Skip to content.

2020 aquarius horoscope march 1 2020 aquarius horoscope march 1
2020 aquarius horoscope march 1 2020 aquarius horoscope march 1
2020 aquarius horoscope march 1 2020 aquarius horoscope march 1
2020 aquarius horoscope march 1 2020 aquarius horoscope march 1
2020 aquarius horoscope march 1 2020 aquarius horoscope march 1
2020 aquarius horoscope march 1 2020 aquarius horoscope march 1

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