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Over-eat, drink too much, get stoned. Possible solutions: Stabilize your relationships in terms of five and take. Learn to differentiate between caring and controlling. Learn to let others have a chance to decide for themselves. Stifle your need for others, and look out for yourself.


In the fixed Water sign, Scorpio, an effort is made to establish a regular system. Thus in Scorpio we often meet the type that administers the property of others, manages them, utilizes and fosters their talents, and acts as an agent for their skills and services. In principle, the Scorpio Node challenges us to be prepared to act on behalf of others and to exploit their resources for their benefit and in accordance with their intentions.

Obviously, in such a situation, the natives have to stand back a little, though of course having a personal part to play. In order to exercise such a function, they have to gain a place in society. The Scorpio Node always indicates an effort to achieve a certain social status. This can mean nothing more than ambition and the aspiration to be someone important, especially with hard aspects to the Node. Scorpios always think they are able to decide what is good for others.

Usually they can give them helpful advice on how to realize their assets, and on how to find the best chances of success. Scorpios avail themselves of existing forms and structures. With the Scorpio Node, one can easily adapt to current social arrangements. One can also develop the knack of exploiting them to the advantage of oneself and others. You should follow through on your interest in psychology, travel, etc.. Possible reasons: Environmental restrictions hindered learning.

Refusal to take chances. Dislike of reading or distrust of any type of indirect communication.

North Node Leo, South Node Aquarius

Reluctance to be put in a position where you may be asked to give advice, teach, etc.. An upbringing that encouraged superficiality. Little success with early education.

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Possible solutions: Take interest courses. Loosen stifling ties and routines. Sever all ties, and spend your time drifting.

You should take steps towards a career or honours or increased self-esteem. Your Problem is that you have adopted real or imagined responsibilities to others that are keeping you from becoming all that you can become. Possible reasons: Fear of public exposure. Lack of planning. Refusal to let others lead their own lives.

Possible solutions: Take cautious steps towards the careers, honours, or recognition you want. Examine your needs and responsibilities honestly, and take necessary steps to balance them. Get a divorce. Study the lives and actions of others who have done what you want to do, and pattern your life after theirs if at all possible.

In the fixed Air sign, Aquarius, we are once more concerned with the establishment and maintenance of a position in life. In Aquarius, conscious attitudes in thought, ethics, and philosophy, come to the fore. Primary importance is attached to the rule of reason; practical living is secondary. Aquarians know something about everything, and revel in logical argument, in which a certain proposition may be deduced from given premises.

In other words, they have a strong urge to view the world rationally and to work out a system by which things can be reshaped in everyday life. They tend to build castles in the air. If the Node receives an inconjunct, for instance, Utopian plans are laid without reference to what may reasonably be achieved.

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At their best, Aquarians strive to think clearly in order to see the world as it is. Because the Aquarian mind is mostly occupied with this world and with the social order, it looks for an unambiguous, usable form of ethics that offers solutions for contemporary problems. In that respect, Aquarius is like the previous fixed sign, Scorpio. The natives of both these signs are interested in creating an ideal system. With the Aquarian Node, the feelings often intervene and muddle the thoughts to some extent.

Therefore order must first be established in the conscious mind, in the personal world of thought, before any crusading is done in the big world outside. This power-play is reminiscent of Leo; and, of course, the Descending Node is in Leo at the opposite pole of the axis. You must learn to sacrifice, give in, or give up.

Your problem is lack of understanding of need priorities. Possible reasons: Excessive stubbornness. Fear of being taken advantage of. Self-destructive tendencies. Refusal to face the fact that some problems are difficult to solve totally. An excessively critical environment makes it hard to admit defeat. Guilt over past wrong-doing or failures.


The North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

Possible solutions: Learn to relax. Temper your analytic tendencies with compassion for yourself and others. Judge people and things by their usefulness and set your priorities accordingly. Please, choose the amount of donation or enter your own amount of donation below!

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Put your E-Mail here, so I will know, who donate it:. The nodes are also important in Astrology as they create eclipses. The nodes encompass the North and South nodes, so for example, if your North Node is in Gemini, the South Node must directly and perfectly oppose it in Sagittarius.

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Planets typically move in the opposite direction, with a planet such as Venus moving through Cancer, then Leo, and then Virgo. The true node can be direct or retrograde; the mean node is always retrograde. Personally, I use the true node. The nodes take about 18 months to move through each zodiac sign and A lot is written about the meanings of the North and South Nodes, and there is even some confusion, or perhaps better said — a lack of definitive consensus — about what they mean.

North node in Leo/South node in Aquarius.

There are some pretty solid reasons for this. The ancient Astrological texts on the Nodes differ widely. William Lilly, a 17th Century English Astrologer says the nodes shift alliances between good and evil, based on what planets are nearby. Without a solid classical text to depend on, there was no concrete interpreta tion of the nodes until Dane Rudhyar picked up the baton in the early 20th Century.

From there, modern Western Astrology has interpreted the nodes largely as follows:. The myth connected to the lunar nodes is that of Rahu, a demon that hid amongst the gods to drink their sacred elixir and achieve immortality. In the Mahabharat, a set of Sanskrit verses that may be over 10, years old, this myth acted as an explication for eclipses. Rahu attempts to get his revenge on the Sun and Moon by periodically chasing after them and swallowing them whole, creating solar and lunar eclipses.

Since Rahu was cut in two, the Sun and Moon eventually reappear as they fall from his mouth.

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