Sagittarius weekly horoscope 15 february 2020 michele knight

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Listen to the video to learn more about the meaning of those indications! Scorpio October Monthly Horoscope. In a nutshell: Prepare for a love rebirth, Aries. Owning your desires and your fears is your first step towards the love you need. Take a look at your responsibilities this week. Have you taken on too much? Have your dreams fallen by the wayside, perhaps without you even realising it? You are the sign associated with the ability to work diligently and who takes their commitments — whether in work or in their personal lives, seriously.

But this week asks you to remember you are also the sign of sensual pleasure and worldly delights. Is there too much responsibility and not enough delight happening? Whether this is making more time for love in your personal life, showing self-love, your work or just on issues impacting on your overall wellbeing, time to renegotiate with this this week. And at what cost? Time to set some new priorities for yourself — in terms of the love you give — and get back in return.

Romance, a creative project or passion, children and young people. One or more of these areas represent either joy or frustration this week. Ruler Mercury is in your 5 th which rules all these themes and makes a tense angle to Pluto in its ruling house 8 th. You also have the Sun in your 5 th meeting Ceres in here this week. But remember, Ceres rules the harvest and what we plant. Spring always follows winter and this occurs so new growth can appear.

Venus rules our love life and also our creative ventures. It starts an extremely rare retrograde from the 5 th which will last until mid-November. Needless to say, this is not the time to begin a new romance.

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It is time however to look at the impact the right or the wrong type of love has on other areas of your life and your overall mental, physical and spiritual health. How does your love life whether past, present or future make you feel? Love should enhance our wellbeing. Go for the love that enhances your life. And the same goes for work too now. With the planet of love retrograde in your house of romance from this week until mid-November, past loves could feature but this is not the time to embark on a new one.

Past pleasures could also reappear — things you use to enjoy such as hobbies or opportunities to have fun. When it comes to any lovers from the past wanting a second-time around opportunity, what happens next is up to you. Venus rules our creative ventures and our bank account and our 5 th house is where we get to shine.

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Go back over and revise any creative projects but just like a Mercury retrograde, hold off on sending them out until Venus heads direct again. Also, explore how your creativity can make you more money. Children, step children, those younger than you — Venus retrograde has you looking at your relationship to the younger generation. Juggling being a parent and a lover may be one of the issues those of you with children are looking at during this backwards Venus cycle.

Your house of home, family and long term security has the Sun, Mercury and Ceres in here. Being all things to all people, having it all or trying to , and balancing your needs as a person and what you want to achieve in the world with those of family, call for ever-evolving and endlessly complex negotiations. Not just with others, but also with yourself. If any aspect of your life requires the input of someone else to function, expect renegotiations to feature now. In a nutshell: Like the first — second time around love takes two to tango.

Past loves feature — and that includes making time for what you love to do, Cancer! Review just what you love or need about your home, living arrangements or even your long term career between now and mid-November, Leo. This of course includes your money which Venus rules.

Hence the link to your long term career path as in how you earn your bread and are rewarded. Unlike Mercury which retrogrades three times a year, Venus retrogrades are rare. Because of the link to your money, Venus retrogrades are not a good time to take out a new loan, but they are good in your 4 th for re-financing or re-mortgaging your home. Fine tune that lifestyle and if you find yours lacking in any way, take steps to enhance it. This includes the obvious such as redecorating or renovating and also the less obvious such as looking into what you truly love that supports and gives you pleasure such as spending time at home, whether doing the things you love or family and friends.

Open your home, open your heart. Venus retrograde is not a good time to begin a new love affair no matter what house in our chart this occurs in. Mercury is in its ruling 3 rd in yours and very much direct now. The Sun your ruler is also in here as well as Ceres. Mercury angles to Pluto in that other Mercury ruled house 6 th this week which could indicate a big change or shift around your work, business success or news around an idea. Something you have taken a long view on could just prove it was worth the investment. In a nutshell: Love your lifestyle and where you live now, Leo.

If not, time to renovate it on every level.

Sagittarius weekly horoscope 15 february 2020 michele knight
Sagittarius weekly horoscope 15 february 2020 michele knight
Sagittarius weekly horoscope 15 february 2020 michele knight
Sagittarius weekly horoscope 15 february 2020 michele knight
Sagittarius weekly horoscope 15 february 2020 michele knight
Sagittarius weekly horoscope 15 february 2020 michele knight

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