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Have you ever been curious about their history and origins? Lisa Meyerson has over 30 years of experience reading natal charts. She assimilates Western astrology with a Sabian Symbols reading. She also works most of the week as an acupuncturist, doing hands on healing. Through her mentorship with Lynda Hill, the author of the Sabian Oracle, this new knowledge has added a layer of depth to her readings that she would like to share.

What new perspectives can the Kabbalah tell us about astrology? Can Kabbalistic thought help people avoid traps that astrologers sometimes fall into? What does destiny--your true soul purpose--have to do with your fate as reflected in the stars? In an engaging and down-to-earth presentation, Richard Smoley will talk about these questions. His next book, A Theology of Love , will be published in late He lectures nationwide and has been featured on many YouTube videos. Listening Deeply to Venus Venus is the 3rd brightest object in the sky and when you see her, you cannot help but be dazzled by her beauty.

She has much to teach us not only about love and beauty but about manifesting our desires and how to let our inner passion create growth in our lives. In mid-May, Venus enters her home sign of Taurus. We will look at how this energy affects the other signs. We will also experience the Venus gong, an instrument tuned to the frequency of the planet.

By listening deeply, we can open ourselves to new levels of wisdom within. Karen Tlusty-Rissman is a musician, astrologer, artist and celebrant of Spirit. Her practice is based on the belief that all beings on this planet are One and she brings this philosophy into all that she creates. She weaves the common threads from many Earth centered traditions as well as Reiki energy work and aromatherapy to provide participants with a direct connection to Spirit. She has played music for most of her life, playing Native American flute, concert flute, bass guitar, Tibetan singing bowls and the Venus gong.

Karen also performs with the band Something Different somethingdifferent4u2.


She has facilitated sacred circles for over 30 years and has facilitated the Community Drum Circle in Lombard for eighteen years. She has held numerous ceremonies to honor life passages, seasonal transitions and for healing. Susan Gidel is the owner of SusanGSays LLC, a Chicago-based consultancy that specializes in helping traders, investors, business owners and marketing agencies go with the astrological flow. Our Vice president Joe Polise will present his take on Joseph Polise, C. It is a way to view and understand the incarnational and reincarnational journey of the soul through the horoscope.

This is not a substitute for reading the houses in the direction of one through twelve, but as a way to understand the karmic, reincarnational issues of the chart and how the soul maps out its choices for the next incarnation This method follows the journey from conception, through birth, through maturity, and finally through death and a return to spirit in order to understand the soul's purpose in the incarnation designated through the template of the birth chart. Lin Ewing is a professional astrologer and Akashic Record reader in Chicago.

She has been reading the Akashic Records since and considers both astrology and the Akashic Records to be methods that help people move forward in life through guidance and a better understanding of themselves, their challenges and issues. Lin Ewing is the proprietor of Astrological Details. She writes astrology courses and teaches two beginning level courses as well as conducts workshops on various specific astrological topics.

Uranus will make its final passing through the sign of Aries, while joining forces with Mars. Its Retrograde period helped us reevaluate its chaotic behavior. The month of March , Uranus makes its final move for the Home of Taurus.

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The next 7 years will be about building stability within past unstable circumstances. The bulk of this lecture will be a workshop giving you some predictive tools to find the focus within your own charts. I will teach you a method that will help you isolate how you can make this energy work for you. For those who would like to participate, provide your birth information for more guidance in the workshop. See the form below.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Please Note: In my previous lecture from , we spoke about the historic events of the previous transit. This lecture will include a brief talk about its initial move in May of With Famous chart examples. Now that we have experienced the 1st sample of Uranus in Taurus, we will have a better perception, for what is to be the focus.

Drawing on numerous examples from both the entertainment and political fields, we'll see how stationary triggers can be among the most powerful if underutilized tools available to astrologers. He's lectured extensively on the topics of astrology, synchronicity, and mythology, and maintains an active astrological practice with clients around the United States and abroad.

Horoscope for Sunday, Feb. 3, 12222

This Talk will focus on the ancient constellation Scorpio and its associated attributes that include those of Ophiuchus Serpentarius and Serpens, as well as Libra and Aquila. The lecture will include medieval star map figures, ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Greek images along with commentary on the attributes of the stars and how Scorpio came to hold the accumulated energies of four constellations.

Demetria is an ArchPriestess and Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis, an international fellowship dedicated to the Divnine Feminine of every place and time. Demetria has given public talks over the last 20 plus years in regard to astrology, myth, ancient religion, philosophy and art. She will explain the Lifetime at a Glance chart, showing Progressed Declinations, which delineates many of the stepping stones of your life. Mystery charts will be used as examples. If you plan on coming, please send your accurate birth info to Lynn before Oct 17; need accurate birth certificate time.

Lynn will run your 50 year chart. Lynn paths2awareness. They are profound tools in astrological health diagnosis, giving clarity to the classic health conditions shown by planets, signs, and aspects. We will look at the planetary midpoints bodily systems including humoral, circulation, heart, kidneys, respiration, degeneration related to joints, injuries, and accidents, immune and wasting disorders, fertility and more. Bring a list of your mid-points, available on most astrological software programs including Solar Fire, Cosmic Patterns and Janus.

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Brian Allemana has been practicing astrology since , having started his studies with Guy Spiro in and continuing with the school of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green. Brian has lectured several times at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago, has taught classes in Chicago, and has given a number of workshops in the suburbs and at his studio in Rogers Park.

Jupiter, Saturn and the South Node will join Pluto in at 21 - 25 degrees tropical Capricorn. This is near the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction in the mid 's augurs big business for those involved with New Age, Esotericism, Modern Mysticism which is us! Bring your chart!

War Of The Roses

Victoria Martin has been a professional astrologer for 40 years and performed at over events since She wrote the horoscopes for Bloomberg News for 19 years. Her focus is mass psychology mood and trend forecasting. Make your donation payable to: Friends of Astrology S. May Street Chicago, IL Add to Cart. The Earth signs help reign in the unpredictable, volatile past transit of Uranus in Aries, by appealing to our basic needs and drives.

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We take the time to analyze the previous Uranus in Taurus period. You will be amazed at the industrious nature of this transit. Products perfected in this time period, are still with us today because they filled a need. I will provide examples that will help you leave this lecture with a much better understanding of this energy.

Our personal motivations and priorities change within the coming Transit of Uranus in Taurus. We compare and review the previous Uranus Ingress chart, with the Uranus Ingress chart. Welcome to a most interesting week.

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  • On Monday 11th, Mercury will transit the Sun — you can think of this as a mini-eclipse. I tend to think the former is more likely, and information, which we would benefit from knowing, is currently being concealed or at least delayed or diverted. And we are certainly living in times that support this notion.

    Aquarius 2020 Horoscope & Astrology Yearly Overview - Your love life can reignite...

    Fake news is the buzzword and across the world, leaders and politicians are no longer to be trusted. Amplifying this climate of dishonesty, Venus will be in-square to Neptune, Master of disinformation. While romance and fantasy can be a wonderful thing, being led up the garden path and seriously let down is not fun at all.

    Onto the screen came a very senior citizen bearing a shield of medals and a bright red poppy in his buttonhole. The BBC gave Harry the floor. For ten minutes he talked about the friends he lost in battle, the futility of war and the reason he spends most days in his home town of St Austell in Cornwall raising funds for a monument to the thousands who gave their lives on D-Day He also talks to everyone who pauses to pass the time, especially the young, about the war and why we can never forget the sacrifices made by men for their country, men as young as sixteen.

    No great actor performing such a monologue could have moved us more. Shown footage of the progress being made with the enormous stone monument built with the thousands he has raised, Harry was brought to silence, and the studio with him. Asked what his message to us all would be, he said simply: Love one another; love is stronger than death.

    Saturn and Pluto meet roughly every thirty-five years. And each time they meet conflict and turmoil ensue.

    star of david february 3 2020 astrology Star of david february 3 2020 astrology
    star of david february 3 2020 astrology Star of david february 3 2020 astrology
    star of david february 3 2020 astrology Star of david february 3 2020 astrology
    star of david february 3 2020 astrology Star of david february 3 2020 astrology
    star of david february 3 2020 astrology Star of david february 3 2020 astrology
    star of david february 3 2020 astrology Star of david february 3 2020 astrology

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