13 january astrology 2020

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But a groundswell is happening and more people each day are standing firm in their own truth, shaking off the projections foisted upon them, the imaginings of those who look on in judgement or condemnation. This aloneness is an act of power. But if we rely too heavily on acceptance and not enough on the transformative power of authenticity, we risk losing ourselves in the quagmire of social pressure and trending perspectives peddled as unquestionable truths.

It speaks about shame and demands we explain ourselves. It tells us we cannot survive alone in a world where acceptance is the all-access pass to security and power. It points out the pitfalls without acknowledging the joyful freedom of no longer needing to hide.

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We may have to face this fear in the months to come. These very echoes are the doorway to liberation. They reveal where our deepest vulnerabilities lay, where our sense of self-worth is threatened.


In doing so they invite us to embrace the fear, be engulfed by it, allow it to flood through us like a tidal wave. By holding our nerve in its onslaught we reclaim our power to discern which fears simply diminish us and which speak words we actually need to hear. By expanding to embrace fear rather than shrinking to accommodate it, a crippling dread can slowly morph into nervous excitement and anxious but enlivening anticipation.

January 13, 2020 United States Holidays & Popular Observances

Gradually and step by step, as we live more fully our own truth, fear becomes inspiration: the augur of greater authenticity and an opportunity to further embody our sovereign self. Fear has its place, for sure, but not in the diminishment of our autonomy. To the extent that we allow it free reign without question, it will continue to shrink and belittle us.

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Previous post: Update From Sarah Varcas. Next post: 2nd July Solar Eclipse in 11th degree of Cancer. July — January Eris Retrograde. North Node in Cancer to May Uranus in Taurus to April Donations help us provide the free content on the site. All donations of any amount are therefore very gratefully received! You can make a donation, which we call a Gratitude Gift, here. If you're interested in using astrology as a tool to enhance your personal and spiritual development, my Self-Study Astrology Course will equip you to read any birth chart, work deeply with your own and unlock the profound wisdom messages every chart contains.

Awakenings on Twitter Follow. Deposing the Shadow Self Both Saturn and Pluto were conjunct the South Node when they turned retrograde in April, alerting us to the risk of reviving old and unhelpful habits in the coming months. The children born under the Rat Year are nice, emotional, and fine observers.

Chinese Horoscope 2020 – Year of the Metal Rat

Although they seem shy, they are adorable and they can bring a special charm in their group of friends. The Rat children have leadership abilities, they have great self-control, they are disciplined, and they can succeed in life thanks to the way they cope with the difficulties they face. All throughout , luck is on your side, but you need to seize it as soon as it knocks to your door. The Chinese say that nothing scares the luck more than when you doubt it.

The Feng Shui energies are also changing from year to year. Therefore, it is necessary to track the relocation of the good and bad energies at the beginning of each year, in order to take protection measures in case negative energies will happen to reach an important place of your house or of the office building. By placing a pair of Ki-Lun Chinese Unicorns facing the North, you will be protected against the bad energy from this sector.

Place 4 Chinese bamboo stalks in a vase with water or a natural plant in the Center of the house in order to increase the chances to advance in your career, to successfully pass exams, and to increase your chances in love. In conclusion, the Year of the Rat will bring beneficial situations, opportunities, meetings with special people, luck, and also balance situations, dilemmas, and changes that can push us out of our comfort zone.

5 Tips For Surviving the 12222-2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Rat Horoscope Ox Horoscope Tiger Horoscope Rabbit Horoscope Dragon Horoscope Snake Horoscope Horse Horoscope Goat Horoscope Archetypal Saturn is identified with structure and stability but also with physical and psychological boundaries and limitations. Tiny Pluto is the explosive planetary energy firing radical or reactionary change and transformation. Morris says astrologers are wary because of the powerful, world-altering changes that have occurred in the past when these celestial heavyweights were sharing the same zodiacal degree, an event that occurs every 32 to 35 years.

Saturn and Pluto aligned degrees apart in opposite astrological signs generates fireworks as well. The Vietnam War began in February , also on this configuration. America suddenly became a colonial power with overseas dependents. Saturn was opposing Pluto in December of that year. A power shift occurred following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the collapse of the Russian monarchy.

Capricorn Horoscope - Exciting predictions revealed !

The U. A lasting image from his Presidency focuses on the role he played in helping to redraw the map boundaries of Europe once the shooting stopped. Saturn is all about re-establishing parameters. Restructuring the map of Europe was once again the order of the day following World War II when the planet conjoined powerhouse Pluto in August in the astrological sign of Leo.

R29 Original Series

They have won elections for the European Parliament and in several European countries Sweden, Italy, Hungary and Austria and are consolidating their power across the union. And the Northern Ireland border with Ireland open since the end of the s Irish war would now need to close again as Ireland is part of the EU and Northern Ireland is part of Brexit.

13 january astrology 2020 13 january astrology 2020
13 january astrology 2020 13 january astrology 2020
13 january astrology 2020 13 january astrology 2020
13 january astrology 2020 13 january astrology 2020
13 january astrology 2020 13 january astrology 2020
13 january astrology 2020 13 january astrology 2020
13 january astrology 2020 13 january astrology 2020

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